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13 November 2017


6 weeks

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3-4 hours per week


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The Competitive Intelligence course is structured into five modules:

  1. Introduction to Competitive Intelligence (CI and related strategic tools: technology scouting, roadmapping, foresight).
  2. Search (identifying and selecting information sources).
  3. Analysis (data collection from databases, patents as a source of information, patents as competitive intelligence tools, patent data and text mining, technology landscaping).
  4. Applications, use cases (trends and emerging technologies, competitor profiling and monitoring, technology assessment, technology roadmapping, foresight, etc.).
  5. Setting up a CI System (steps for setting up the CI function within an organization, needed resources and capabilities).

The course forms parts of the Specialization on Competitive Intelligence and Effective Exploitation of Patents.

Strategic objectives

This online course offers specific training for SMEs, universities, research centres and individuals on Competitive Intelligence. It focuses on the required skills for carrying out Competitive Intelligence and Technology Scouting tasks such as information searches in specialized sources and analysis through analytical data and text mining tools and techniques. It offers pactical examples and application use cases in several industries and explains how to implement it in practice in the organization.

Intended Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course you will be able find and analyse critical information to your business and timely detect opportunities and threats that may affect your activity and generally improve your organization’s decision making processes.

Module 1: Getting to know what is Competitive Intelligence and Technology Scouting, how they fit in the business innovation approach, their importance for any organization and the related strategic management disciplines

Module 2: Learn how to identify different types of Information Sources and how to formulate search strategies to locate and access information.

Module 3: Learn the basics of the analysis of information for Competitive Intelligence through data and text mining tools and techniques

Module 4: Learn through practical examples and application uses cases how CI has been implemented in the industry

Module 5: Learn how to Set Up the CI Function within your Organization, the requiered steps to implement it and the resources needed.

Methodology and assessment

The course is divided into five modules that combine theory and practice: examples, cases and exercises will be used to introduce and illustrate all of the content.


This course is aimed at anyone interested in managing IP and tech transfer activities:

  • tech entrepreneurs
  • managers, consultants and teams in innovation departments (the course will help them to integrate IP into strategy in the best possible way)
  • researchers (to focus on inventions which have higher commercial value and to select such ideas to move ahead).


No previous knowledge needed
Level of the course: Introductory – Intermediate


A certificate of participation will be issued by InnoEnergy and the UPC to participants who complete the course.


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Introduction to Competitive Intelligence
Applications and Use Cases
Setting up a CI System within an organization