Full name:Martín Fernández, José Gabriel


Mr. José Gabriel Martín Fernández has been a project manager at ACCIONA Microenergy Foundation since 2012. He joined ACCIONA in 2007 as project staff in the Strategic Department and in 2009 became a manager in the R&D Department. Prior to joining ACCIONA, Mr. Fernández was a senior consultant in PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Energy and Environmental Department. Mr. Fernández is a chemical engineer and holds both an Executive MBA and a Master’s degree in “Renewable Energies and Energetic Market” from the Escuela de Organización industrial (EOI-Madrid, Spain).


The ACCIONA Microenergía Foundation (FUNDAME) was created in 2008 by ACCIONA to focus on social development activities, by facilitating sustainable access to basic services such as energy and water, in isolated rural areas in developing countries. To pursue its mission, FUNDAME started ACCIONA Microenergia Peru (AMP) and ACCIONA Microenergia Mexico (AMM) as non-profit associations with the aim to be sustainable energy service social micro-enterprises, established in the areas where the foundation’s initiatives are developed. The two companies provide access to basic electric services of lighting and communications (radio and TV) by means of solar systems. FUNDAME’s activites are acknowledged as replicable key success stories of energy access in Peru and Mexico. http://www.accioname.org