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14 March 2017


6 weeks

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2-3 hours/weeks






Spanish, English

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English and Spanish


Renewable Energies

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Simplicity, scalability and decreasing cost of equipment are the characteristics that explain the past growth and future opportunities of the PV market worldwide.

On top of that, PV is a sustainable technology that will play a key role in mitigating climate change effects and in reducing countries’ dependency on fossil fuels. PV is expected to have a growing penetration in our future energy systems with centralised PV power plants of several hundreds of megawatts. But, it will also offer the possibility of developing  distributed and small scale instillations.

This is the cocktail of a “game-changing” approach. The PV technology will have a long term impact on our energy system as a whole, introducing new technical challenges, transforming traditional business models and, last but not least, empowering the final customer.

Through a learning-by-doing approach, the PV Game will equip you with qualified knowledge and a holistic vision of the PV sector. Understanding is the first step you must take to anticipate and identify opportunities and, as a final objective, take actions to make an impact.

Strategic objectives

  • Develop a global vision of the drivers influencing PV business.
  • Know the future challenges of PV development, anticipate the coming changes and identify business opportunities.
  • Learn from business cases of PV project development.

Intended Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Analyse concrete business cases, representatives of the main markets of today and the next 5 years.
  • Understand the market dynamics, the main regulatory models and their evolution (support system, market and grid integration, permitting, etc.)
  • Explore the main trends in PV technology and their future potential in terms of cost.
  • Learn the way to finance such projects.
  • Know the day to day of PV installation development, operation & maintenance.

Methodology and assessment               

The course is a Professional MOOC. Professional MOOCs, are fee-based, high-quality online courses driven by inspiring professors and industry experts. Professional MOOCs promote continuous life-long learning, serving individuals who use online courses to advance their careers as well as organisations that support the continuous learning of their workforce. 

All the necessary knowledge will be provided through a series of short video lectures from our experts. This introduction part will take the first half of the course. The videos will be available at any time and are clearly organised in order to provide easy content navigation.

During the second part, real business cases covering the most important topics will be presented. The student will be asked to critically analyse the proposed problem applying notion and tools learnt during the first phase. In addition, a series of tools, simulators, reports and other relevant documents will be made available to help in the decision making process.



Who should take this course? Individuals interested in Solar PV and professionals potentially moving towards positions in the PV business.


  • Good English and/or Spanish proficiency
  • Internet connection
  • Basic mathematical knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of the energy sector is a plus
  • No technical or specific knowledge is needed

This course has a medium level of difficulty, however all those who are interested are encouraged to take part – you will be provided with an introductory module of PV basics, as well as support materials for every level.


Certificate of attendance issued by KIC InnoEnergy and Enerclub.

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Get the certificate by completing all mandatory activities. Mandatory activities are marked with “*”.


KIC InnoEnergy in collaboration with Enerclub (Club Español de la Energía).



Simonot, Emilien

Rita, Paleta


* The PV game. Introduction
* The PV Basics
* Business case 1 – The BIPV decision
* Business case 2 – National regulatory framework for self-consumption
* Business case 3 – Large scale PV plant development, the CEISA case
* Business case 4 – Due diligence of a PV plant
PV Technology highlights
Regulatory frameworks
Costs, risks and financing
PV Project development
PV Plant construction
PV Plant operation and maintenance
* Conclusions