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Start Date

30 October 2017


3 weeks


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The course forms parts of the Specialization on Energy Efficiency for Better Buildings: Unlock the energy-saving potential of your buildings.

This course describes the different systems existing in building, namely the building envelope components; the lighting systems, Heating; ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC); Renewable Energy Systems (RES) and Energy Management Systems.

Intended Learning Outcomes

In particular, the intended learning outcomes of the course are:

  • Know the main components of buildings envelope;
  • Understand the main envelope characteristics that influence  energy demand;
  • Basic concepts of the physics of light, its concepts and Light Generation;
  • Know the main lighting systems (types, characteristics and applications);      ​
  • Know the basic HVAC systems in buildings;
  • Perform basic Load Calculations
  • Know the main Indoor Air Quality parameters, and understand the basic methods used in Ventilation for Air Treatment
  • Know the newest ideas to integrate renewable energy systems in buildings, namely solar and solar thermal
  • Know How an Energy Management System (EMS) is defined​, its components and use (analytics and software), namely in Monitoring, Targeting, and Reporting​ so in Control System Solutions​
  • Identify the main monitoring equipments and software tools to perform energy management

To do that, the course is divided 5 modules:

  1. “Building Envelope”, where we  introduce the main building envelope components;
  2. “Lighting Systems”, where we provide an overview of the main elements of the Lighting Systems, as well as its characteristics;
  3. “Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Systems”, where we introduce the main parameters of HVAC, and  how to perform simple load calculation;
  4. “Renewable Energy Systems”, where we present the main applications to Renewable Energy Systems in buildings;
  5. “Energy Management Systems”, where we introduce to the main elements of energy management systems, namely data, software and hardware and how to integrate them and use them to implement energy efficiency

Methodology and assessment

Each week, a set of videos related to the multiple units will be released, and, for consolidating the presented concepts, there will be a quiz after each video. A Mid-term evaluation is taken after the conclusion of each module. Additional material is suggested to deepen the knowledge around each topic.

When you succeed in the 5 modules course, there will be a final evaluation to conclude your participation.

  • Quiz: 30% (total quizzes)
  • Midterm: 30% (midterm per module)
  • Final Evaluation: 40%
  • For a positive final grade a student should get more than 60%

Target audience

This course is designed for:

  • Facility or energy managers in the public and private sector, including those in hotels and hospitality, business and light commercial sectors, retail, leisure and more.
  • Professionals at energy services companies and utilities that provide energy-efficiency services to customers
  • Students in higher education (undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate level)


In order to get the best from this course, you should have the following:

  • Good English (subtitles in Portuguese and Spanish are available)
  • Basic mathematical knowledge
  • An internet connection
  • No prior technical or specific knowledge is needed, although a basic knowledge of physics and thermodynamics is a plus.


Building Envelope
Lighting Systems
Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Systems
Renewable Energy Systems 
Energy Management Systems
Final Evaluation