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2 October 2017


18 weeks (6 weeks each course)

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2-3 hours per week


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About this Specialization

Discover how to capitalise on knowledge of your company and obtain economic and intellectual profit.

This Specialization provides the knowledge of the most important aspects of patents and how to use all of the tools that make intangible assets emerge.

You will know how to protect your technology through IP, how to find critical information that might affect your decisions and how to transfer your R&D results to the market.

The Competitive Intelligence and Effective Exploitation of Patents Specialization is structured into three independent courses that cover exploitation of patents and include business thinking.

Start date: 2 October 2017

Learn how you can use the patent system to effectively protect your innovations around the world. What is an invention? And, which inventions can be protected by a patent? These are the questions that will be answered in this course. But we will also focus on how you can avoid infringing somebody else's patents and your options if you discover that you are infringing a patent. The ultimate goal is that you learn how effective patent management and strategy can make or save you money.

Start date: 13 November 2017

Today companies and organisations of all kinds are aware that solving R&D problems is not enough. What is really important now is turning this knowledge into new products, new processes or new services providing compelling market value propositions. Firms have also realised that they have to keep track of the constant changes in the environment, as opportunities arise from the information and knowledge flows resulting from our interaction with that environment. In line with the concept of open innovation, and the systematic monitoring of the scientific, technical and market environment are Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence activities, the object of this course.

Start date: 8 January 2018

How to capitalise on knowledge of your company and obtain economic and intellectual profit? This is the question that this online course tries to answer. Learn how to use all of the tools that make intangible assets emerge.



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Course 1. Patents, patentability, and patent infringement

Course 2. Competitive intelligence and Technology Scouting

Course 3. IP commercialisation


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Pre-pay for all 3 courses in the Specialization, and get a special discount (save 47€).


  1. Pay Per Course     99 €

Individual payments, paid before you start each course, beginning with the course “Patents, patentability, and patent infringement”.



  • Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
  • IALE Tecnología
  • ZBM Patents & Trademarks


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Module 1 : Patents, patentability, and patent infringement
Module 2: Competitive intelligence
Module 3: IP commercialisation