Full name:Simonot, Emilien Simonot


Emilien Simonot is Renewable Energies Technology Officer at KIC InnoEnergy. In close contact with KIC InnoEnergy partners and focused on mobilizing the industry, its main functions consist supporting the definition and application of KIC InnoEnergy strategy in renewable energies providing guidance in all the business lines: innovation, business creation and education. In relation with KIC InnoEnergy’s call for innovation projects, Emilien leads the overall project monitoring with a strong market and business orientation.

Emilien holds a Master Degree from AgroParisTech-ENGREF (2008), a Master in Renewable Energies from the European University of Madrid (2011) and he followed, in 2015, MAP program from INSEAD. Previously, he has been involved in the renewable energy sector in general and in wind energy in particular, on duty within the technical department of the Spanish Wind Energy Association and assuming the management of the Spanish Wind Energy Technology Platform (REOLTEC).