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Start Date

2 April 2018


6 weeks

Time required

3 - 4 hours per week


Free: no cost // Premium: 69 €




Spanish and English

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About the course

Harnessing the sun to power our world has been the dream of energy professionals for decades. And now, with solar photovoltaic technology becoming more and more affordable, scalable and accessible, that dream is closer to reality than ever before.

To take advantage of recent breakthroughs and develop transformational models that will determine the future of the energy value chain, the industry needs more professionals with a thorough understanding of solar PV’s technical challenges and business opportunities.

Go Solar PV! looks at solar PV in depth, examining its potential for today and the near future, exploring the technical issues, and assessing the commercial opportunities. It offers an approach that gives learners an unparalleled insight into the global solar PV market, equipping them with the knowledge and practical details to shape and lead the future of solar energy.

Your strategic objectives

The aim of the Go Solar PV! Course is to equip you with:

  • A vision of the drivers that influence the solar PV business around the world.
  • An understanding of the challenges associated with developing solar PV, the likely evolution of the market evolution and the business opportunities.
  • Knowledge gained from assessment of real-life development business cases for solar PV.

What will you learn?

On completing the Go Solar PV! Course, you will:

  • Understand the market dynamics, the main regulatory models and their evolution, including: support systems, market and grid integration, and national and international legislation.
  • Understand the main trends in solar PV technology and their future potential in terms of costs.
  • Be aware of potential financial models for the development of solar PV deployments.
  • Understand the mechanics of solar PV installation, development, operation and maintenance.

“Renewable energies are the big players in the future of utilities. Although I'm working in a more business-orientated unit within my company I definitely need to know the products I have to deal with. This has been a perfect course to do so.”

Energy industry professional  

Is this course for you?

This course is designed for professionals who:

  • Are interested in developing their knowledge of solar PV technology and its commercial potential.
  • Are keen to gain a greater understanding of the exciting opportunities presented by the solar PV sector.
  • Wish to increase their knowledge to underpin future professional advancement.

Want to take part?

To participate in the Go Solar PV! course, you will need:

  • Proficiency in written and spoken English or Spanish
  • Basic mathematics knowledge
  • Internet access

This course has a medium level of difficulty, however all levels of ability are supported with materials including a PV introductory module and resources for all levels. Although a basic knowledge of the energy sector is an advantage, no technical or specific knowledge is required.



EIT InnoEnergy in collaboration with Enerclub (Club Español de la Energía).



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