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2 October 2017


6 weeks

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2-3 hours per week


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Join this course to learn about how you can use the patent system to effectively protect your innovations around the world. What is an invention? And which inventions can be protected by a patent? These are the questions that will be answered in this course.

But we will also focus on how you can avoid infringing somebody else’s patents and your options if you discover that you are infringing a patent. The ultimate goal is that you learn how effective patent management and strategy can make or save you money.

The course is suitable for everybody involved in research, product development and innovation. No prior knowledge of the patent system is required.

The course forms parts of the Specialization on Competitive Intelligence and Effective Exploitation of Patents.

Strategic objectives

Learn to make decisions regarding suitable protection for your ideas.

Intended learning outcomes

  • Understand the patent system.
  • Understand which inventions can be patented.
  • Have a basic understanding of the different types of patent infringement.
  • Reading and understanding of a patent.
  • Understand how patent offices work and the process from filing of an application to the grant of a patent.

Methodology and assessment

The course is divided into seven modules that combine theory and practice. Examples and exercises will be used to introduce and illustrate all of the content.


Anybody involved in research, development and innovation.


No prior knowledge required.


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Introduction to IP and Patents
Reading and understanding patents
Drafting patent applications
The patenting process