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Battery storage: a thorough understanding

Battery storage: a thorough understanding

Understand why world needs flexible energy storage, what are the possible applications and how can you anticipate the challenges, newcomers and the market opportunities ahead. 


Battery storage: a thorough understanding

06/05/2019 to 29/05/2019
5,5 weeks (online) + 2,5 days (face-to-face)

About this learning bundle

This blended online and face-to-face learning experience comprising two courses will not only provide you with a thorough understanding of the potential exciting of battery storage solutions and their applications but also will allow you to master the latest development, the mega-trends and the key innovations in battery storage.

Designed to optimize flexibility, ease of learning and maximising impact, the programme provides an introductory online course preceding 2,5 face-to face sessions combining highly practical, hands-on workshops, lectures, learning sessions and site visits to market-leading organisations and innovation centres.


What will you learn?

  • Have knowledge of the specifics of battery energy storage application across the electricity grid, industry and electric vehicles
  • Be able to identify new investment opportunities, the economic and financial viability of storage solutions in practice.
  • Understand the market dynamics.
  • Understand the latest innovations in battery storage and associated commercial and environmental drivers.
  • Be able to anticipate future challenges and market evolution.
  • Understand how this knowledge can be effectively applied in a professional, commercial environment
  • Master the very latest in battery storage from the electricity grid to electric vehicles to industry.
  • Learn to anticipate future markets, identify challenges, spot emerging players and leverage new market openings.
  • Discover how to choose the right storage solution for you and your organisation.
  • Leverage your new understanding to propose B2C or B2B business models.

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Courses on this bundle

Course experts

Bo Normark

The Thematic Leader for Smart Grids and Energy Storage at InnoEnergy 

Julian Jansen

Senior Analyst at IHS Markit Technology, leading the global research on energy storage

Oliver Koch

The Managing Director and COO of Sonnen

Iván Contreras Torres

The founder and CEO of Torrot, a manufacturer of electric bicycles and scooters. 

Erik Svedlund

The Global Marketing Manager – Electrification at Epiroc.

Yann Laot

Director of Services, Support and Solutions for Energy Storage Solutions at SAFT.

Victoria Flexer

Researcher at CONICET and professor at the National University of Jujuy. 

Björn Jernström

The CTO of Ferroamp and inventor of 4 different patents related to ACE technology that enables savings on grid fees and faster EV charging.

Jan Verveckken

Currently, he is employed by InnoEnergy on the European Battery Alliance team, focusing on the education business line.

Kristina Edström

Leads the Ångström Advanced Battery Centre and is a professor of Inorganic Chemistry at Uppsala University.