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Business Models for a Sustainable Energy Future

Business Models for a Sustainable Energy Future

The in-depth view on the emerging new energy system from a business perspective

About this program

The energy sector is undergoing a radical transformation – in Germany, in Europe, but also on a global scale: The rise of decentralized energy generation leads to a range of new players and disruptive technologies, while digitalization and the Internet of Things provide the platform for the emergence of new markets.

How do electricity companies cope with this highly dynamic environment? What are their business opportunities? Will they survive in their current configuration, or will they be marginalized by new entrants from ICT and manufacturing? What are the business models of these new players?

In this course we want to shed light on the emerging new energy system from a business perspective. We are less concerned with details of regulation and technologies (although, of course, they matter and can trigger important changes), but with strategies that established players and new entrants pursue in their quest to benefit from the transition – or to merely survive in the years to come.


Is this program for you?

For executives wanting to acquire new strategic skills and familiarize themselves with new business models to react to the changing emerging market. Although the course is about the energy sector, it does not require an industry background. If you are generally interested in the developments that are taking place in this industry, you are most welcome to participate and share your own expertise in strategy, innovation, and business transformation with the group and enrich the discussions! 

How does the program boost your career?

Upon completing the program, participants will have acquired:

  • in-depth view into the changes that will shape the energy sector in the future
  • enhanced skills with respect to identifying critical information and issues in complex situations and offering new solutions to complex problems
  • understand and be able to exploit the potential of technology for innovation and growth, including showing an understanding of the importance of technology in delivering a more sustainable future for business, and being innovative in developing business solutions

Teaching methods and materials

Business Models for a Sustainable Energy Future (TES) consists of interactive lectures, group work, case discussions, and presentations by experts and industry representatives.

Key topics:

  • Evaluating market developments: What are the drivers of the new energy system? Which new markets develop?
  • Analyzing strategies and business models: Which counter-strategies do incumbents follow? How do new competitors enter the markets?
  • Selecting new business models: Which trade-offs exist between different implementation and commercialization strategies of innovations?

Where is the program taking place?

ESMT Berlin

Schlossplatz 1 10178 Berlin (Germany)


Christoph Burger

Senior Lecturer and Head of the Practice Group Telecommunication, Transport, and Utilities, ESMT Berlin

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Jens Weinmann

Program Director

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