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Energy solutions for eco-districts

Energy solutions for eco-districts

Discover the sustainable urban districts of the future


We will announce the next run of this course in due course. If you are interested and would like to know when this course is open for enrolment, register your interest below.

About this course

The course’s main objectives are:

  • First to get a vision and the current state of art (what are the issues, what is the current scientific knowledge, what are the current technological and industrial solutions) of what this new emerging field of “smart-energy” and “Enernet” at the level of the eco-district.
  • To develop skills by a practical common work in groups in order to propose and challenge proposal of new economic, social and technical models that could be deployed and tested in the eco-district of the “Grenoble Presqu’île”, by involving the takeholders of the district (inhabitants, buildings managers, local energy distributors, producers, aggregators, brokers, …).
  • Thus the goal is an application of the concept of “Enernet”  in a real life-sized project, giving the opportunity to explore and experiment:The practical exploration of Innovative solution anReal problem solving
  • Proposal of projects that could be start up proposals
  • Learn through case study

Is this course for you?

If you study in one of InnoEnergy research fields and you want to widen your competencies in :

  • Energy production (Photovoltaic farm, biomass boiler, Heat recovery, etc.)
  • Energy storage (hydrogen, etc.)
  • Smart grids (electrical and heat networks)
  • Economic and social model linked to energy problematic



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How does the course boost your career?

By acquiring knowledge and practical experience linked to energy, innovative solution, design thinking, entrepreneurship.

Teaching methods and materials

Speeches, presentation and visits will present the global issues, and the local opportunities offered by the Presqu’ile of Grenoble (energetic landscape, richness of possible partnership, …). Starting from this life-size project view, you will be able to propose  technical, economical and social innovation that could be explored in a practical activity using available sensors, smartphone application, data bases … From a methodological point of view approaches for problem solving, design thinking, prototyping, and test, , … will be explored.


What will I learn?

The course will be an opportunity to acquire  knowledge around the concept of an Enernet and to develop skills related the energy development and management in an eco-district of

  • Energy production (Photovoltaic farm, biomass boiler, Heat recovery, etc.)
  • Energy storage (hydrogen, etc.)
  • Smart grids (electrical and heat networks)
  • Auto consumption of heat and electricity locally produced

Who is teaching the course?

Frederic Wurtz (enernet concept) and Michel CEZON (COGITEO entrepreneurial coach)