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Energy Storage: Battery Revolution Course

Energy Storage: Battery Revolution Course

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Explore the potential of battery storage solutions



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Energy storage: The Battery Revolution

01/08/2018 to 31/12/2018
Online | 5,5 weeks | 2 hrs per week
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About this course

The Energy Storage: the battery revolution course has been designed to give you in-depth knowledge of the exciting potential of battery storage solutions, and their applications and benefits across various areas of the electricity grid.

The course provides a thorough understanding of practical applications, including electric vehicles, energy storage systems (ESS) on grid and at home, industrial products and local energy systems. The course will also examine business models and investment opportunities related to battery storage.

Gain insight into current developments and future innovation in this exciting field with the Energy Storage: the battery revolution course, and advance your career prospects.


Duration: 5,5 weeks

Time required: 2 hours per week


Is this course for you?

This course is most suited to professionals and post graduate academics with energy, business, financial, economic and engineering backgrounds, but anyone interested in developing their knowledge of energy storage to expand their skill set and enhance their professional development may apply.

1. Professionals:

  • In energy technology, renewable energy, consultancy and engineering, utility or automotive companies
  • Real estate, city development agencies and municipalities.
  • Policy makers.
  • Investors and management consultants.

2. Academics, such as PhD and Masters students.

How does the course boost your career?

At the end of this course you will:

  • Have knowledge of the specifics of battery energy storage application across the electricity grid, industry and electric vehicles
  • Be able to identify new investment opportunities, the economic and financial viability of storage solutions in practice.
  • Understand the market dynamics.
  • Understand the latest innovations in battery storage and associated commercial and environmental drivers.
  • Be able to anticipate future challenges and market evolution.
  • Understand how this knowledge can be effectively applied in a professional, commercial environment

Teaching methods and materials

The course is a Small Private Online Course (SPOC). Professional SPOCs are fee-based, high quality online courses driven by inspiring professors and industry experts, which promote continuous life-long learning. The course can be taken from the participants’ usual study location.

The course consists of nine modules and is self-paced. Each module includes reading materials, and some feature business examples and animations to illustrate the content. The possibility to share your opinion and thoughts to relevant topics, will be given to you through a discussion forum available from the beginning of the course.

The assessment will be based on multiple-choice tests after every lecture.

This course has an intermediate level of difficulty, but will be supported with reading materials for each module.

Course Experts

Bo Normark

The Thematic Leader for Smart Grids and Energy Storage at InnoEnergy and has more than 35 years of industrial experience in ABB in development, design, project management and global management of the Power Systems business.

Julian Jansen

Senior Analyst at IHS Markit Technology, leading the global research on energy storage and provides insight on the value drivers and emerging business models driving storage deployment across Europe and N. America.

Oliver Koch

The Managing Director and COO of sonnen, with overseas operations for the company such as worldwide procurement and manufacturing. He has previously worked as responsible for turnaround projects at Bertelsmann SE.

Iván Contreras Torres

The founder and CEO of Torrot, a manufacturer of electric bicycles and scooters. Iván is specialised in knowledge management, high-speed organisations, and innovative product development.

Erik Svedlund

The Global Marketing Manager – Electrification at Epiroc. He held several positions over the years, at Atlas Copco. Erik is an innovative and visionary leader committed to electrifying the mining world.

Yann Laot

Director of Services, Support and Solutions for Energy Storage Solutions at SAFT. He has focused on Li-ion topics, i.e. markets, products, technologies, manufacturing and competitive landscape analysis.

Victoria Flexer

Researcher at CONICET and professor at the National University of Jujuy. She has a Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences and her work ranges from sustainable mining techniques to development of state-of-the-art batteries.

Björn Jernström

The CTO of Ferroamp and inventor of 4 different patents related to ACE technology that enables savings on grid fees and faster EV charging. He has previously founded 2 successful startups in the electric power industry.

Jan Verveckken

Worked, in the recent past, on the quality control department of Audi Brussels. Currently, he is employed by InnoEnergy on the European Battery Alliance team, focusing on the education business line.

Kristina Edström

Leads the Ångström Advanced Battery Centre and is a professor of Inorganic Chemistry at Uppsala University. Main research interests are Li-ion batteries for all applications and 3D microbatteries.