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The Innovation bootcamp

The Innovation bootcamp

From engineer to innovator. Shape your business journey.


We will announce the next run of this course in due course. If you are interested and would like to know when this course is open for enrolment, register your interest below.

About this course

Resource depletion, air pollution, urbanisation and demographic change are placing huge pressures on current energy, heating and transport systems. Innovative new solutions are essential for these systems to evolve to meet society’s changing needs.

However, innovation in the lab really makes a difference when it is successfully deployed in real life. Forward-thinking, entrepreneurial businesses are an essential part of the mix. They can bring ideas to life and increase the impact of new solutions by successfully implementing them in the market.

The Innovation Bootcamp is specially developed to give engineers the entrepreneurial and innovation management skills they need to commercialise new and transformative technologies, whether they are part of a large organisation, a small specialist company, or establishing a new business.

Course date:

21/10/2019 to 31/10/2019: Registration deadline 16 Aug 2019

Is this course for you?

This course is most suited to PhD and Master’s students interested in learning how to turn innovative technologies into real life solutions, but it is also open to engineers who want to launch their own business.

How does the course boost your career?

By completing the course you will:

Learn how to shape entrepreneurial ideas for sustainable energy, smart cities and intelligent grid projects.

  • Gain key skills needed to realise the commercial potential of your research.
  • Be able to identify potential opportunities and new business models.
  • Understand how to develop and implement business and marketing plans.
  • Be able to manage legal and financial issues related to a new business.
  • Discover tools to develop your management and leadership skills.

Teaching methods and materials

The two week course takes place at TU/e: Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands.

The Innovation Bootcamp focuses on giving you practical exercises, rather than classroom-based lectures, and applying lessons to your own research project – as well assessing, reflecting and learning from your classmates’ work.

During the course you are asked to develop your own action plan. We call it a ‘travel guide’ because it is a personalised guide to taking your project forward and achieving tangible, actionable results. You finish the travel guide once you have completed the course.

The final session is a pitching session to internal and external judges, where you apply what you’ve learnt and convince the judges of the value of your project. Jury members include business creation officers from InnoEnergy as well as managers with board-level experience at large international and national organisations, such as Philips and Eneco.

It’s all backed up with latest thinking on innovation and entrepreneurial management, with insights from TU/e faculty research into sustainable business models, ecosystems, innovative companies and more.

What will I learn?

The Innovation Bootcamp gives you a solid foundation in all the key skills needed to take innovative ideas out of the lab and into the market. Over two weeks, you will learn how to shape technical ideas into business form through:

  1. Identifying potential market opportunities
  2. Designing the right business model for you
  3. Orchestrating an innovation ecosystem for your project
  4. Assessing the advantages – and disadvantages – of the ‘lean’ start-up approach and classic business plans
  5. Developing marketing strategies for a new business
  6. Building, managing and leading teams in a new business
  7. Preparing and producing financial statements
  8. Growing and up-scaling a business – and planning an exit strategy
  9. Managing legal issues, including IP rights protection, governmental subsidies, and regulations
  10. Developing your own entrepreneurial skills

Who is teaching the course?

Prof. dr. Jan Smits, Professor of Law in Technology, Eindhoven University of Technology.- Jan obtained his degree in law from the University of Tilburg in 1982. His specialization is EU competition law, state aid, services of general economic interest, as well as legal, technical and policy issues regarding the ICT and (mobile) telecommunications industry. Jan is Full Professor of Law and Technology at Eindhoven University of Technology, as well as a telecom and legal consultant at 2knowit, advising companies on how to optimally protect and develop their valuable technological ideas.

Dr. Annelies Bobelyn, Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship, Eindhoven University of Technology.- She completed her dissertation at the University of Ghent and was also visiting Ph.D student at Imperial College London Business School. Prior to joining the TU/e, she was a post-doc researcher and Marie Curie Fellow at the Rotterdam School of Management. Her research focuses on the strategic management of young technology-based firms and entrepreneurial exit. In addition, she has a strong interest in the management of sustainable product innovation projects using organizational control and learning as a theoretical lens.

Dr. Boukje Huijben, Assistant Professor in Sustainable Business Model Innovation, Eindhoven University of Technology.- In 2015 Boukje defended her PhD thesis at TU/e focusing on the analysis of solar energy business models and entrepreneurial strategies for dealing with regulatory regimes.  Additionally, she worked as a postdoc for the Strategic Area Energy (SAE) of TU/e researching business models for energy efficiency products and services, with a strong focus on the role of the end user. She also was a lecturer in the field of sustainability transitions and business models for students and professionals at TU/e and externally, both nationally and internationally. Boukje holds a strong passion for the development of new strategies for sustainable business, combining insights from different disciplines and working with both academics and practitioners as well as students from different backgrounds and disciplines.

Madis Talmar, MSc, Lego Serious Play expert working with large corporations in the energy sector on strategic decision making.- Madis finished his PhD project at TU/e in 2018. In his PhD thesis Madis researched how members of business ecosystems create alignment between themselves and with their broader environment. This research predominantly took place within the field of sustainable energy business. Prior to that, he worked as an international marketing manager for a small manufacturing company and was engaged with two startup companies. In his home country of Estonia, he has consulted and trained several top companies and written about 25 articles for the local management journal Director. Madis also teaches entrepreneurship and design courses at the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (cooperation of Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology), and is a co-founder of corporate innovation consulting agency Hatch-22.

Vincent Merk, Senior lecturer in Intercultural Management.- Born in Strasbourg, Vincent is a Frenchman who has been living and working in The Netherlands since 1981. His main affiliation is with the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). He is Senior lecturer in Intercultural Management and Coordinator of the Centre for Communication, Language and Technology. In addition, he works as a training consultant in intercultural business communication, negotiation, management and professional mobility for various organizations and companies in Europe. Special areas of interest include virtual team dynamics and corporate social responsibility (CSR). He is the author of several articles on intercultural communication and negotiation and co-author of two books on communicating and doing business with the French. He holds a Master of Arts in English and German with a specialization in Business Administration from the University of Grenoble and carried out post-graduate studies at the University of Amsterdam. He speaks French, Dutch, English, German and Spanish.

Coby Doreleijers, Expert in pitching.- Since 2005 Coby has been a student advisor in the field of career development at the Education and Student affairs (ESA), TU/e. With a background in social and organizational psychology, she has worked as a trainer /coach for different companies in the field of customer service, tourism and career development.  As a student advisor she hosts career workshops, coach students individually and is also the teacher for a Master’s elective course on career development within the Mechanical Engineering department. In the post-Master’s program USI at TU/e, Coby provides professional skills training in her role as a professional development coach.


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