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Intellectual property in the energy sector

Intellectual property in the energy sector

Discover most important aspects of patents and how to make intangible assets emerge.

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About this learning bundle

Join this blended online and face-to-face learning experience to discover industrial and intellectual property and patents and to understand how to make decisions regarding suitable protection for your ideas. Explore the various strategies for managing intellectual property rights, as well as the company structures and licencing mechanisms that can be used to create value from your work.

Designed to optimize flexibility and ease of learning, while maximising impact, the programme provides an introductory online course preceding 3 face-to face sessions by lectures on key subjects, testimonials from guest speakers and a panel discussion on topics chosen by you. Here you will also have the opportunity to meet professionals from the intellectual property, innovation and technology transfer sectors.

What will you learn?

  • Understand the patent system and which inventions can be patented.
  • Have an understanding of the different types of patent infringement.
  • Reading and understanding of a patent.
  • Understand how patent offices work and the process from filing of an application to the grant of a patent.
  • Understand today’s intellectual property landscape and develop effective IP strategies
  • Make informed decisions when it comes to negotiating future research funding
  • Understand how intellectual property rights and patents contribute to business goals
  • Gain insight into the legal and economic challenges around innovation, with a particular focus on issues related to patents in Europe
  • Explore strategies for managing IP rights, as well as the company structures and licencing mechanisms that can be used to create value from your work
  • Recognise different company structures – such as a limited liability company – and evaluate the chances of securing a patent for your technical ideas

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Courses on this bundle

Delivered by

Mathieu De Rooij

MSc Aerospace Engineering | European Patent Attorney | Diploma on Patent litigation in Europe from CEIPI

Bengt Domeij

Professor of law, Uppsala University.

Stojan Arnerstål

Associate professor of law, Uppsala University.

Mats Nordenborg

Lawyer, Swedish Patent Office.

Ann-Sofie Åhlander

Patent attorney, InnoEnergy.

Johan Asker

Lawyer, Uppsala University.

Martin Holmberg

Patent attorney, Kransell Wennborg law firm.