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Intellectual property : Patents, patentability and patent infringement

Intellectual property : Patents, patentability and patent infringement

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Learn how to protect your ideas


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About this course

Do you work in energy R&D or innovation and have just had a breakthrough? What is the best way to move from an idea to a product you can sell? Join this course and learn how you can use the patent system to effectively protect your invention around the world. Topics we will address include:

  • What is an invention?
  • Which inventions can be protected by a patent?
  • How can you avoid infringing somebody else’s patents?
  • What can you do if you discover you are infringing a patent?

By the end of the course you will have an understanding of how effective patent management and strategy can make or save you money.


This course is part of the ’Intellectual property in the energy sector’ learning bundle, which will enable you to dive deeper into the topic.



Is this course for you?

If you work in R&D or innovation in the energy sector, this course is for you. No prior knowledge is required.


How does the course boost your career?

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Understand the patent system.
  • Understand which inventions can be patented.
  • Have a basic understanding of the different types of patent infringement.
  • Know how to read and understand a patent.
  • Understand how patent offices work and the process from filing an application to the grant of a patent.

Teaching methods and materials

The course is divided into seven modules that combine theory and practice. Examples and exercises will be used to introduce and illustrate the content.


Course experts

Mathieu De Rooij

Mathieu worked for over five years as a patent examiner at the European Patent Office in The Hague, in several technical fields, especially in the field of wind turbines; therefore he has a lot of experience in search and substantive examination, and is also familiar with oppositions and appeals.